Nerdy Fit Chef

Hi, I am Chris. The Nerdy Fit Chef.


Your personal assistant on the road to your optimal health and wellness! 

There are many obstacles in this health and wellness journey, including and not limited to, misinformation, fad diets and faulty exercise programs that are not tailored to you.

Finding the time to cook, gaining confidence and knowledge, finding support, not knowing what to do or where to start. The list goes on...

The good news is I will be your personal assistant to guide you through all of these obstacles that are holding you back from your dreams and goals!


 My mission is to help you feel amazing, look great, and help you become the best version of yourself! I will help you reach your true health and wellness potential through a multi-faceted holistic approach.

Nutrition, Cooking, Fitness,and Mindset just to name a few. Coaching and guiding you through all perceived obstacles, giving you the tools necessary to achieve your dreams and goals!

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“One cannot finish a puzzle with missing pieces, such is the same with health, you need to approach it with all the pieces of the puzzle.” N.F.C